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WinSchema description
Graphics tools
Functions to zone

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General description

WinSchema 2001 makes it possible to carry out the drawing of a diagram in the fields of electronics, electricity, mechanics or hydraulics

It has an editor of symbols making it possible to the user to create his own symbols and to record them in the form of file.
The installation can be configured in three languages, English, the spanish and French.

Graphics tools

Directional symbols in the 4 directions
Line, rectangle and circle


Text with choice of the font and the orientation (4directions)

Choice of the color, the style and thickness of line 


Symbols preset
Symbols user
Symbols  editor

Functions applied to a zone

Move, copy, cut
Copy to clipboard
Save, insert
Rotation, horizontal and vertical symmetry
Font size

Elements editing of the handles type
Rotation of the elements in the 4 directions
Edition of new symbols


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