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WinCircuit description
Graphics tools
Functions to zone

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General description

WinCircuit 2008 makes it possibleto carry out the drawing of a printed circuit in simple or double-sided in manual or automatic routing.
It is enough to trace the various connections to carry out (line between two pad for example) and the routing will carry out the layout of the consequently tracks.
The installation can be configured in three languages, English, Spanish and French.

Graphics tools

Pad round or square of adjustable size per step of 0,254mm
Track adjustable width by step of 0,254mm
Surfaces rectangulare and triangulare
Line, rectangle and circle,  rectangulare, circulare et polygonal edge
Axial components standarts and CMS (resistor, diode, chemical capacitor, self) , rotation and adjustable size.
Composants radiaux standart and CMS (condensateur céramiques, chimiques, quartz), rotation and adjustable size
Transistors standarts and CMS, adjustable resistors, connectors, SubD, buttons  switch, radiators, rotation and and adjustable size
DIL components standart and CMS, CI and switchs, PLCC adjustable pins number
Text, with choice of the font and orientation (4 directions)
Connections between two points allowing the automatic routing.


Copper layer
Components layer
Copper and components layers
Coppers layer and plane of mass integrated
Components layer and plane of mass integrated
Solder mask
Drill template
Pseudo 3D view

Functions applied to a zone

To move, copy, delete
Copy to clipboard
Save, insert
Rotation, horizontal  and vertical symmetry
Size font, pads and tracks


Edition of the elements of the handles type
Automatic replacement of the text
Total ou partial clear
Rotation of the elements in the 4 directions


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